Dr Priyanka Rai
MD, Pathology
Histology, Cytology, Microbiology, Pathology

At Infinity Care Hospital, we consider pathology a very crucial asset for all departments. Our lab is incorporated with the latest interfacing of the technical devices, equipped with fully automated medical equipment’s in various sub specialities to give an excellent adjuvant of access of reports at any location within the hospital.

Laboratory tests specify all indications in the blood like hormones, cancer indicators, cardiovascular diseases, anaemia, diabetes, triglycerides, cholesterol, complete blood count (CBC), erythrocytes sedimentation ratio (ESR), liver profile, immunity diseases and urine & stool tests which also enable early intervention to many ageing-related diseases.

We offer accurate & timely histopathology and cytopathology services to various clinical specialities. We report on tissue biopsies from various sites including cancer biopsies and complex cancer resections. We also perform and report on fine needle aspirations (FNAC) from various sites & fluid cytology specimens and cervical smears.