Infinity At Home


Nursing Care

We, at Infinity Care Hospital have a provision for providing Specialized nurses for home visits for specialized care of patients at home. We believe in delivering quality care in the comfort of your home through trained and certified nurses with a connect to the treating doctor. They excel at good patient care and hospitality services.


Elderly Care

We provide well experienced, qualified male/female nursing staff for catering a wide variety of needs of our patients, monitoring vital signs, assistance in daily activities, medication management, pressure injury management in association with treating doctor


Sample Collection (Pathology)

Infinity Care understands the need & importance of bringing diagnostic services at your doorstep. We offer sheer convenience of home collection of samples. On receiving a call/ booking online, our trained technical person arrives to collect samples at a minimal cost and reports can be collected at our centre or can be accessed online. An easy call facility to ensure patients get the best of services within the comfort of their own homes.


Medicine Delivery

We, at Infinity care Hospital are a one stop solution for all your medication requirements. We deliver medicines on easy order placement on WhatsApp/ online/ phone call. Value added services are also available for chronic patients requiring regular medication.


Dressing, Injections & Infusions

Infinity Care provides services by specialized nursing staff for patients requiring supportive care, Injection & Infusions, Medication management, Pressure Injury management, follow on dressing & Colostomy Care.


Sleep Study

In order to diagnose Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders, Infinity Care provides trained staff required to assist the patient in undergoing a polysomnography (sleep study) at home.

It is cost effective, time saving & advantageous for the home-bound, elderly & chronically ill patients & helps in ensuring you and your loved ones sleep peacefully.


Holter Monitoring

Infinity care provides trained staff at your doorstep for live monitoring, Holter monitoring which is a continuous test to record your heart’s rate and rhythm for hours to days with most recent innovative & advanced medical equipment’s.



Infinity Care provides experienced & well-trained physiotherapists skilled in the assessment and hands-on management of musculoskeletal, respiratory conditions aimed to enhance mobility & alleviating pain caused due to chronic disorders, acute illness or post-surgery.


Doctor At Home

Infinity Care aims at providing as much convenience as possible to our patients & their families. We provide the facility of making a well-trained & experienced doctor available 24/7 wherever you are. This service includes expert medical consultation & supervision with personalized healthcare for you and your family.