Dr.Amar Kumar Amrit
MD Medicine

Emergency And Trauma Care Centre

At infinity care hospital, We are prepared to treat patients with a wide range of medical needs from those who are critically ill or injured to those with minor illness or injury. Through the enhanced facilities in our hospital, we have taken emergency and trauma medical care to a new level. We offer our patients state-of-the-art life-saving expertise and technologies blended with a patient-friendly design. 

we offers the most comprehensive 24-hour emergency facilities, If needed, our emergency and trauma doctors have immediate access to our in-house specialists such as intensivist, orthopedic /trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, cardiologists and others. This team provides high-quality and safe critical care in operating rooms, ICUs and other hospital settings

Facilities & Services

Specialist intensive care units

Defibrillator (to restart the heart)

Trauma injury (burns, road accidents etc.)

Blood infections (sepsis)

Respirators /mechanical ventilator

Cardiac monitors (heart rate, BP)

Invasive BP monitoring

Mechanical circulatory support (IABP)

Emergency operation theatres

Emergency tracheostomy (for respiratory emergencies)

IV drips

Sedatives & Anesthetics (for severe pain)

Acute coronary syndrome (heart attack), Primary PCI, Pacemaker etc.